On our travels we visited a number of projects to learn form their work and support what they are doing. Click on the links below to learn more about each project.


Pattaya and the Tamar Center
Pattaya is a city which was built on a industry of sexual exploitation. The Tamar Center helps women who want to leave the commercial sex industry by providing jobs, training opportunities, counselling and support. 

AIDS education in Thailand - The House of Grace HIV orphanage 

We had the opportunity to visit a number of projects connected to ACET (who fund Gareth's SRE work in Chester). The House of Grace a fantastic HIV orphanage. A Home Visit programme supporting adults at advanced stages of HIV. And a schools based HIV prevention programme very similar to Gareth's work in Chester.  


In Cambodia we stayed with Bob and Pam Toan (ex vicar of St Micheal's Church) and through their amazing work supporting missionaries we got to visit lots of great projects. 
Daughters of Cambodia - Project Phnom Penh

Supporting women who wish to leave the commercial sex industry

Christians for Social Justice - Project Phnom Penh

Political protest group helping locals stand up for their rights

Prision Fellowship Cambodia - Project Phnom Penh

Doing amazing work in prisons with inmates, their families and the guards

Chab Dai - Project Phnom Penh

An organisation supporting and providing essential services to human trafficking projects

Justees - Project in Phnom PenhProject

Providing work for ex drug users so they can earn money and stay in school. The create some amazing t-shirts. 

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