Thursday, 5 July 2012

(a Week late) Pattaya the fun side

We have been slow at posting due to the internet being very slow on Koh Tao island, so having now returned to the mainland we are catching up a little bit. Firstly before we left Pattaya Kerry took us on a fun day trip on a boat doing all kinds of fun stuff. We will post about Koh Tao after this.

First the little boat we were on docked with a floating platform where they do parasaliang. They stick you in a tight harness and take you out onto a platform. Then the person before you lands (after being in the air) and in less then 1 minute they switch over the lines so you are now attached. The speed boat accelerates away and you are pulled off the platform and up into the air. After a quick tour around in a big circle you come in for a landing and quickly switch over with the next customer. Great fun even if the harness was a little snug!

After that we went out and were taught how to fish from a boat. Gareth caught 1 fish. Lets count Michelle's fish........

Not 1 fish

Not 2 fish

Not 3 fish

Not 4 fish

Not 5 fish


Michelle was very humble about this all day. ;P

Kerry was feeling a little sea sick so she was allowed to drive the boat to help her feel better. She was a good pilot.

Next we stopped off at a little island for a banana boat ride. Great fun being pulled along by the jet ski. Until it turned sharply and we all flew off into the water.

Then onwards to another island with a beautiful beach and a sheltered shallow bay to swim in.

After a nice long day island hoping we headed back, we tried to out run a rain storm that was chasing us back to Pattaya.

This is us getting cold with Jemma (one of Kerry's friends from Pattaya who is lovely and great fun)

We lost and got drenched as we got off the boat and headed back to the hotel. So what did we do after a day on the surface of water, in the air above the water and in the water. Well go for a swim of course in the hotel pool.

Thank you Kerry for taking us on such a fun day and looking after us in Pattaya.

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