Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Motorcycle tour of Vietnam countryside

Today we went on a Motorcycle tour into the countryside through villages and little dirt track roads. We visited a waterfall and ended up in a fishing village.  
Today you will be treated to few words and many pictures.

Starting out pass buffalo. 

This bridge looked safe?
(We got off and walked across)

View from the bridge

Stopping in and leading a hand at a grass mat making house

Wide roads 

Palm lined roads


Stopping in to give sweets out at a school our guide knows

Gareth trying to make some rice paper (failing)

Village market

Jungle countryside

Everything gets transported by bikes including all these birds

The Ox is still vital farming equipment

Rice fields

The mountains

Traditional housing outside the towns/cities

Lunch at a small table with a tiny chair

Michelle relaxing on the bike

Huts by shrimp pools

The countries main railway

The start of clouds rolling in

Cooling down in a pool


Very deep plunge pool

Michelle jumping off the rocks

Gareth jumping

Chilling out

Pretty waterfalls Us at the bottom

Local kids who were great swimmers and jumped off much higher rocks then we did

Big black clouds looking threatening 

Fishing village


 Fish and Ice

More Fish

Gareth on the bike 

Michelle's confidence on the bike had risen significantly by the end of the trip!

Our thanks to Owen (find him at and at the Tide Hotel in Nha Trang) for taking us on this unique trip off the beaten tourist path. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Nha Trang Hostel view

We arrived safe into Nha Trang last night. Bit late, every train in Asia has been late so far. It was dark when we arrived but I am very happy with the Hostel's view this morning.

Our Hostel owner writes a very interesting blog about Vietnam.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Son and Hoi An at night

We went to My Son which was a large temple complex built around a 1000 years ago. Similar to Angkor Wat but much smaller. Sadly like other things we have visited in Vietnam. It has been badly damaged by the recent military action. One of the main temples was so strong that they Americans couldn't destroy it with air raids and artillery. So their solution send in a helicopter sapper team. to blow it up. Sad to see so much destruction in such a pretty landscape. 

We also meet some wildlife. These cheeky Lizard

Loads of Butterflies. 

In the evening we went into the Town centre which is turned into a pedestrian only zone and light by hundreds of lanterns. So far Hoi an has been the nicest place to be in during the evening. Very pretty French colonial buildings and lamps reflected in the waters of  Rivers.